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River Styles Hotel & SPA is a perfect place to organise a reception to celebrate the First Holly Communion.

Communion receptions can be organised in:
  • the modern style restaurant ”Rzeka Smaków“
  • the cosy section of the cafe Cafe & Bar
  • Sala Spokojna (Peaceful Hall)
  • Sala Wesoła (Cheerful Hall)

Below is an example of a menu for a reception to celebrate Holly Communion: 


Soup (one item to be selected): 
Cauliflower cream with nuts
Sour rye soup with egg
Chicken soup with pancake batter
Sea fish soup with vegetables
Tomato and other vegetable cream with feta cheese

Main dishes served on platters (three items to be selected): 
Chicken Kiev
Poultry roulade with spinach and feta cheese with wine and cream sauce
Roasted chicken with vegetables and herbs
Pork shashliks with vegetables
Fillets in a corn coating
Loin stuffed with mushrooms and sage
Cod in cucumber sauce
Fried chicken breast in coating, stuffed with vegetable and cheese

Side dishes (four items to be selected):    
Mixed lettuce with pieces of vegetable and vinaigrette
Red cabbage with plum stew
Seasonal salads (three kinds)
Blanched vegetables with herby butter
Boiled potatoes with fresh dill
Fried potatoes in herbs
Rice with green pea and fried onion
French fries

Dessert (one item to be selected):
Apple charlotte served on two sauces
Home-made cheese cake with raspberry sauce
Ice cream with fruit and hot cherry sauce

Cost of dinner menu - option I: PLN 95/person
Children up to the age of 3 free of charge
Children up to the age of 12 - 50%

The cost of the package of unlimited beverages: PLN 15/person
Coffee, tea, water, juice, soda
It is possible to extend the offer to include a supper

(in addition to a selected option of dinner menu)

Starters (six items to be selected):
Patter of roasted meats (chicken, loin with plum, bacon roulade with garlic)
Roasted turkey breast with nuts
Small pieces of chicken in jelly
Pâté duet with pickles
Trout roulade with crayfish stuffing
Herrings prepared in three ways
salmon roulade with ricotta cheese
Greek salad
Salad from celery, Brie cheese, pear and cashew nuts
Salad with roasted chicken, spicy sauce and marinated vegetables
Breadstuff, cold sauces

Hot dishes (one to be selected):
Beetroot soup with a patty
Sour rye soup on smoked sausage
Hot chicken legs
Beef Stroganoff

Cost of supper menu: + PLN 40/person for a selected option of dinner menu
Children up to the age of 3 free of charge
Children up to the age of 12 - 50%

The cost of the package of unlimited beverages for dinner and supper PLN 20/person
coffee, tea, water, juice, soda

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